Betsy Reads Books

I like to read and I'm a librarian. Are the two related? I just don't know.

The Death of Bees: A Novel

The Death of Bees - Lisa O'Donnell I can see this being considered for the Alex Award (books written for adults that have special appeal for teens).

The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes: 1 (Sandman Collected Library)

The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes - Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Karen  Berger, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Mike Dringenberg This was definitely creepy and weird. I kind of thought the King of Dreams looked a bit like Neil Gaiman. Not sure if that was on purpose or if he would be offended I thought that. Looking forward to the second volume.

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation - Simone Elkeles Simone Elkeles never lets me down. She has delivered another fun, funny romance. I've already picked up the second book in the series.

Days of Blood and Starlight

Days of Blood and Starlight - FINALLY!!! Finishing this book was a chore! I have to say, on the whole I didn't really care for it. I am surprised by this because I LOVED Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I stuck with it, though, in hopes that this was the low point for the series and the next book will be great. I just couldn't stay interested in the story. The story jumped all over the place but seemed to just be going over the same things again and again. It just dragged. And it was a downer.

Still Alice

Still Alice - Lisa Genova I read this for my book club. It is not the type of book I would normally pick up (part of the reason I joined the book club.) I ended up liking it a lot. Alice is just about to turn 50. She has three adult children and is a professor of psychology at Harvard (where her husband is also a professor). She's had a very academic life full of research, publishing, teaching, and public speaking. But when she is diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer's disease, her whole life changes.I was convinced I had Alzheimer's by the time I finished the book. Sometimes I'm crazy. But it really made me think about how the disease affects the person with it and their loved ones. It was sad to read. I do feel as though I have a better understanding for how conversations and language changes for people who have Alzheimer's. Even if the person seems "fine" most of the time, it is often hard for them to follow conversations in the same way.

Empire State: A Love Story (or Not)

Empire State: A Love Story (or Not) - Jason Shiga Pretty funny. I was a little confused about the time line of the story, but I was reading pretty fast.


Son - Lois Lowry I really loved this story. I have been a fan of The Giver since my 7th grade teacher read it to the class. I remember we had to write what we thought happened to Jonas and Gabe after they escaped from the community. I was a little worried because I didn't read the two other books in the quartet, but I don't think they were necessary to enjoy this book. It was a little strange when the story took a supernatural turn toward the end but I didn't mind it - just unexpected.

Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3)

Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3) - This was a tough one to get through. I was never completely sold on this series but the second book was pretty good so I had high hopes for the conclusion. It was completely confusing the way you never knew who the Pilot was but every one in the story seemed to know. It also seemed as though everyone was the Pilot. Maybe that was the point. Defitely not my favorite book but I look forward to what Ally Condie writes next.

Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, Volume 1 (Graphic Novel)

Clockwork Angel (Graphic Novel) - HyeKyung Baek, Cassandra Clare I have not read the novel version of this book so it was a little weird to read the graphic novel first. It was a little harder to get a handle on the story and who everyone was at first (a lot of times everyone in graphic novels looks the same to me). I think the story would have been more confusing if I hadn't already read the Mortal Instruments series. There were a lot of things that weren't explained that would be confusing if you had no familiarity with either the Mortal Instruments of the Infernal Devices series. I have this novel at home and after finishing the graphic novel, I think I'm going to bump it up to the top of my To Be Read list.

The Third Wheel (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

The Third Wheel - Jeff Kinney I just love these books! This one wasn't my favorite, but it was still great. The beginning of the book was hilarious. I have a love/hate relationship with Greg's character. He's the biggest jerk in middle school but he's also hilarious. I really want to dislike him because of his selfish, stupid ways, but I just can't.

Finale (Hush, Hush Saga)

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick I am so sad this series is over! I love Nora and Patch.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Book 1

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Vol. 1 - Denise Mina, Leonardo Manco, Andrea Mutti, Stieg Larsson I think this will be a popular option for people who really want to read the book but can't get past the first 100 pages or so.

The Postmistress

The Postmistress - Sarah Blake I read this for a book discussion group otherwise I would not have finished it. I didn't really get interested until about 2/3 of the way through the story. I also felt a lot of anxiety when reading and it made it hard to sleep if I read right before bed. Not my usual type of book. It wasn't bad, just wasn't great.

I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants - Joe Kelly, J.M. Ken Niimura Intense. I had a lot of flashbacks to A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness while reading this one. It was good. Serious stuff covered, though.

The Kill Order (Maze Runner Prequel)

The Kill Order - James Dashner This was ok. I felt all right with the series as it stood. I didn't need a prequel. However, once I start something I tend to be a completest, so I read this one. It was all right. I didn't really add much to the story we got from the rest of the Maze Runner books.

Liar and Spy

Liar and Spy - LOOOOVED it!