Every You, Every Me

Every You, Every Me - I am on the fence with Every You, Every Me. It was a quick read and definitely intriguing. However, I was left with a lot of anxiety after I was done. Evan and Jack were friends with Ariel. She was manic, depressed, schizophrenic...something. At the beginning of the story we know something bad happened to her. She's not around anymore in a way that Evan and Jack can be with her and it has to do with something they did. The boys both begin receiving pictures of Ariel and places that were important but they don't know who the photographer is. Evan becomes obsessed with finding out who is stalking them and you can see his descent into a kind of madness happen before your eyes. It was very weird reading the story not know whether Ariel is alive or dead and every one was so depressed and angnsty that I feel like it rubbed off on me while I was reading. I guess that means it was a good story if it stuck with me for a while after I was finished. I didn't like all the cross-outs in the narration, even though I get what David Levithan was trying to do. It was kind of obnoxious to read. I keep going back and forth about whether I should give this three or four stars and I'm finally settling on four because the story really was intriguing and it stuck with me. I think people who like book by Ellen Hopkins would probably like this story.