The Westing Game

The Westing Game - Excellent! What a story!Sunset Towers is built and the residents are hand picked (not to their knowledge) to live there. Samuel Westing's house can be seen in the distance. It's no big deal since he's been missing for years. But one day smoke is rising from the chimney. Rumors spread that Westing's body is rotting on the oriental rug, so on a dare, 13 year old Turtle, who lives in Sunset Towers decides to go stay in the Westing mansion for 20 minutes. Turtle sees Westing laying in a bed and is frightened out of the house.The next day everyone in Sunset Towers learns Sam Westing is dead and one of them is the heir to his 200 million dollars and one of them is his murderer. The occupants of Sunset Towers are paired up and given a different set of clues. They only have so much time to figure out the puzzle and win the Westing game.The story is very interesting and really keeps the reader guessing. I had a little trouble keeping characters straight at the beginning, it was a really great story. I'm so glad I finally got around to reading it.