One for the Money (Stephanie Plum Series #1)

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum Series #1) - I read this on a whim because the movie was coming out. I was pleasantly surprised. The book was funny and light and just an enjoyable read. Not the best thing I've ever read, but fun. We are introduced to Stephanie Plum, a Jersey girl who's down on her luck. She falls into a job as a bounty hunter for her cousin Vinnie and things go from bad to worse as she attempts to bring in Joe Morelli and collect her $10,000 fee.I liked that Stephanie was definitely not a super star bounty hunter right from the beginning. That would have been way to convenient. Some things were a little contrived an unbelievable anyway, but it was still fun and I think I may keep reading the series to see what happens.I recommend this for someone who likes mysteries, a little bit of romance and flirting, and fun, light reads.