A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay This is major. I put this book at the top of my reading list because I love Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking series. I really didn't actually know a thing about the book itself (well, except the cover looked awesome). So, I was pretty surprised when the day before I started the book, I read a review saying it was the saddest book ever. Now, I am not one to read sad book. But I read a little bit more about the book and Sioban Dowd and figured I'd give it a shot anyway. Well, my goodness. Amazing doesn't even cover it. And me saying that about a sad book like this is pretty major. I completely feel it should win the Printz this year. The characters and storytelling are just engrossing. The characters are deep and multidimensional and for such a short book, that is impressive. I am astounded by Patrick Ness' ability as an author to take the beginnings of something and turn it into this truly amazing book. Go read it. Now. I don't think you'll be sorry. (and yes, I did cry for the span of a few pages)