Crazy Beautiful

Crazy Beautiful - Lauren Baratz-Logsted I'm not sure why this is getting such rave reviews. It was ok as far as books go. I definitely thought the ending was abrupt. I was hoping it was going to be more like Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles, which I loved, but it wasn't nearly as great. I don't know, the whole premise of Lucius and Aurora meeting/liking each other seemed a little loose. Basically, Lucius blew off his hands messing with chemicals and chose hooks as the replacement. Because everyone in their old town thought he was crazy, they had to move. Aurora's mom died and her dad decided they should move and start over. So of course they are both the new kids at school and are inexplicably drawn to each other but really don't speak more than a few words until well over halfway through the book. I don't know. When the inside jacket cover starts out so boldly that Lucius chose hooks for hands, I expect a lot. I didn't get a lot. It wasn't the worst book I ever read, it was just ok.