The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles)

The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan I liked this book, but it was a perfect storm that made it take about 4 weeks to read. I was re-reading Twilight at the same time I started The Red Pyramid (and Twilight always makes me only want to read Twilight...I can't help it) and then I got into watching Season 2 of True Blood. By the time I was really ready to focus on this book, I was only 1/3 of the way through it, it was 2 weeks overdue to the library and it kind of felt more like a job then something to enjoy. I really liked reading about the Egyptian mythology and I liked the way the story was told two chapters by Carter then two chapters by Sadie, etc. I think it has potential to be a really great audiobook if it's done right. Overall I liked it, but it definitely dragged in parts and feels like it could have been edited down a couple hundred pages.