Secret Society (Secret Society Novel)

Secret Society - Tom Dolby I really enjoyed Secret Society. I want everyone to know right away, though, it's another series. I keep picking up books hoping to find one that isn't going to leave me clamoring for the next installment, but that wasn't the case with this book.The story moved along really quickly. The characters were interesting and I liked their different perspectives on the secret society they were involved in. I also kind of liked the way a lot of details about the society was shrouded in secrecy. The author did give a little of information toward the end of the book, though, and it was enough to keep me interested in what's going to happen next. I was hoping that all the build up of society secrets was going to pay off a little more (what we learn is kind of lame) but it still explained a lot of questions from earlier in the book so I won't complain.There is lots of underage drinking, partying, and drug use (just fyi). The whole premise is totally unlikely, but it was a nice blend of like, Gossip Girl (the TV show) and the movie The Skulls. Good stuff, not great.