Monstrous Beauty

Monstrous Beauty - Despite my love for Disney's The Little Mermaid, I'm not sure how deep I'll get into the whole YA fiction mermaid trend. I just don't really like the inter species relationships between humans and mermaids (and really, to me, nothing is less attractive to think about than a merman). That being said, this is not what you'd expect from a story about mermaids. A lot of the story was actually about history and genealogy. It was really quite interesting. Hester grew up in a town by the sea and works at a historical colonial village. She has made a vow to never love or have children because all the women in her family have died a few days after giving birth. Hester is determined to avoid leaving a child motherless. But then Hester meets Ezra and everything changes. He is different from other guys. He's interested in her family's curse and wants to help. But as Hester digs into her family history and the town's dark history of a set of mysterious murders, she finds herself in danger. She becomes determined to lie, steal, and do whatever it takes to get the answers she's looking for.I would recommend this to those who like romance, paranormal, and historical stories.