Hex Hall

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins I didn't expect too much from this book and I was pleasantly surprised. It really delivered! The characters were interesting and the story moved along quickly. Brief summary: Sophie gets sent to Hecate Hall, which is basically a boarding school for witches, shifters, and fairies who keep misusing their powers. Sophie learns from her roommate, Jenna, that she has replaced Holly, a witch who was killed a few months earlier. No one knew who killed Holly, but everyone suspected it was her roommate, Jenna the vampire. But Jenna was allowed to stay at Hex Hall because there wasn't enough proof. But not other witches are being attacked. Sophie is sure that some how a member of The Eye, and organization determined to rid the world of beings like her, has gotten onto the island where Hex Hall is located, but no one believes her. Possible spoiler!!!!......It is pretty exciting. My only complaint is Sophie learns something about a character and thinks she's solved the mystery of who's been attacking students, but really if she thought about it, she'd realize she was with this one character when one of the attacks happens.End possible spoiler.I would definitely recommend this to someone who is interested in the paranormal. There is also a little dash of romance mixed in, which I thought rounded out the story nicely. Who doesn't like a little romance?