Black Heart (Curse Workers)

Black Heart - Holly Black I love this series! I believe this is the final book (tear) but I would keep reading them if they kept coming out. I have to admit I liked White Cat and Red Glove more than Black Heart, but I still was really interested in how things were going to turn out. I do feel that some of the bigger plots in the story were just left hanging or not explained as well as I would have liked.Cassel training with his brother Barron to work with the feds. But he's not quite able to keep himself on the straight and narrow. Since he had a falling out with Lila, he decides to follow her as she does jobs for her father. He sees her order a hit on someone and follows the hit man. After a scuffle, he steals the hit mans gun and lets him go. What seemed like an enormous amount of time was spent on this part of the story and it turned out to be a bigger deal then expected (with Cassel stealing the gun), however, to me it seemed like a really loose way to further the plot in a couple other areas. I don't know, it just seemed a bit weak. There were a couple of other plot lines that really didn't seem to fit into the story very well and just seemed to be left hanging there. If you've read the other books in this series, definitely pick this one up. Very cool series.