Everneath - Everneath got better as it went along. Nicki has just returned from The Feed, where Cole, an Everliving, fed off her emotions for 100 years. She only has a few months left on earth to set things right with her family and friends, who she disappeared on, before she is taken away to The Tunnels for eternity. Can she figure out a way to escape the Tunnels without having to become an Everliving and be Cole's bride?The story was told in a kind of broken up way. Nicki would narrate from now and from before the feed. However, like always, the author doesn't want to reveal any information right away so it's kind of confusing to figure things out. Once we kind of had all the information, it was easier to tell what was going on and it was more interesting. Not the best book I've read, but it was good and those who like paranormal romances will probably enjoy it.