The Princess Plot (Scandia, #1)

The Princess Plot   - Kirsten Boie, Polly Lee Jenna has never really been allowed to have fun because her mother was always very protective of her. She also never told Jenna much about her family. But one day, Jenna decides to defy her mother and goes on a casting call for a chance to be in a movie. Out of tons of girls in town, and much to her surprise, Jenna is picked and whisked off to the country of Scandia before she has a chance to tell anyone her good luck.But things start to get weird when Jenna is asked to dress up and pretend to be the princess of Scandia at her birthday celebration. Jenna gets the feeling something is really off, she just doesn't know what. Is she really going to be in a movie? Or is she in the middle of something much bigger?I listened to this and it look me quite a while to find enough time to get it finished. I have to admit, many part of the story dragged. And often times, things seemed to just happen by happy coincidence or luck. It was an all right story and those who like princesses but also a bit more than fluff would enjoy this story.