May B.

May B. - Caroline Starr Rose I really enjoyed this story. It was like a dark Little House on the Prairie. May B is being sent to a neighbor's house fifteen miles from her own home in order to help a farmer's new wife as she settles in to prairie life. It is only supposed to be until Christmas, but to May, it feels like her family is abandoning her for eternity. All for a little bit of money.Determined not to fall behind in school (everyone knows she already has enough trouble reading) May packs her reader with her small bundle of clothes and rides out with her dad.Shortly after her arrival, the farmer's wife takes off for Ohio - her home. He goes after her. Neither of them return. Now May is alone and no one will be coming for her until Christmas. She wants to head home, but there isn't even a trail to follow. This story follows May as she overcomes adversity of all kinds - dyslexia and fending for herself in harsh conditions. It is written in verse and just a really neat take on prairie life. I recommend this for people who like historical fiction and books like those in the Little House series.