Palace of Stone (Princess Academy)

Palace of Stone - Shannon Hale Miri and the girls of Mount Eskel and the princess academy are back. This time, Miri and the girls are headed down to Asland to be ladies to Britta, who will soon marry Prince Steffan. Miri will attend the Queen's Castle school while she is there and hopes to return to Mount Eskel as a real teacher. Of course nothing goes quite as planned. The king keeps asking for more tributes and people in Asland are starting to go hungry. The poor want to rise up against nobility and royalty in an effort to make the city more equal. Miri because caught up in the excitement of the revolution, but soon realizes that perhaps these revolutionaries are extremists who will do anything to anyone in an attempt to get what they want. Miri uses what she's learned at Queens Castle - Ethics, Logic, Rhetoric, - and good old wisdom and quarry speech from Mount Eskel to help make things right in Asland.I was swept right into this story, just like with Princess Academy. The characters are all different and interesting (and sometimes really annoying and hateful). I love the world Shannon Hale has created in these books. I feel as if I've been on Mount Eskel, heard quarry speech and smelled linder dust. I hope there is more to come. This is a definite read for those who like Princess Academy and who like fairy tales.