Dark Eden

Dark Eden - Patrick Carman, Patrick  Arrasmith Will Besting is afraid. We don't know what he's afraid of, but his fear is strong enough that his psychiatrist is sending him to a special place with 6 other teens with strong irrational fears where they can finally be cured. But when it comes time to enter Fort Eden, Will hides. He knows something isn't right, he just can't figure out what it is. Will is able to observe the curing process from his hiding place and he's determined he will not go through it. But it's already too late.I had heard pretty good things about Dark Eden. It was all right. It took me some time to get into it and then I zipped along pretty quickly. The story is definitely more plot driven then character driven. The story is also told so that only bits of information are leaked at a time. I know this is generally how storytelling goes, you can't give everything all at once, but this was kind of annoying. I hate when characters talk about something that you don't know and they keep bringing it up again and again and again and again and then when you finally find out what they're talking about it is a total let down. Avery's fear? Totally called it and it wasn't some great big thing like it was built up to be (at least it seemed like they were trying to build it up).Overall, it was a good story. Not the best, not the worst. I would recommend this to readers who like thrillers and suspense.