Breaking Stalin's Nose

Breaking Stalin's Nose - Eugene Yelchin What a crazy little book! Sasha Zaichik can't wait to be a member of the Soviet Young Pioneers. He loves Comrade Stalin and is proud to be a good Communist. But then Sasha's father, a member of State Security, is arrested and Sasha's future and everything he knows suddenly is called into question.This quick little read is a very startling view into Soviet Russia and what it was like to live under Stalin's reign. People turning neighbors in just to gain favor only to find themselves turned in by someone else. Anyone could be considered a spy or of questionable character. It is a frightening and sobering story to read. However, it is excellent as well. Yelchin left the Soviet at age 27 and even knows from personal experience what it was like to be interrogated by the State Security. This was a great read and I can see why it received a Newbery Honor medal.