Extraordinary - Nancy Werlin I loved this book! I know when I read Impossible (which I also loved) I thought the dialogue seemed a little off. I would have to say the dialogue seemed very old-fashioned in this book, but it set a certain tone and it was maintained the entire book so it really worked. I would definitely say the characters spoke more the way my grandma does than any teenagers I know, but it apparently takes place during the times of laptops and cell phones.I basically couldn't put this down. In seventh grade, Phoebe Rothschild (very famous family) befriends new girl Mallory Tolliver. They become such good friends they are almost like sisters. But Phoebe doesn't realize that Mallory isn't really her friend and she wants her for a much darker purpose. Then Mallory's mysterious brother appears seemingly out of nowhere and Phoebe cannot resist him. Can she break free from their devious plot? Or will she turn out to be just an ordinary girl?