Candor - Pam Bachorz Candor was pretty interesting, however, I was disappointed with the ending. The book starts off with Oscar Banks trying to ignore a strange sound. He wants to investigate, but messages in his head tell him to keep studying. We quickly learn that his father founded the town of Candor in Florida and has subliminal messages pumped into everyone's brains. He has found out about these messages and does his best to fight them. In the first couple of pages it seems as though this is very difficult, however, as the book goes on, it's almost as though he doesn't pay attention to the messages at all. I was dissatisfied with the ending. And now that I think about it, if messages are being pumped into the children of Candor to make them do well in school and listen to their parents...then aren't the parents getting the same messages forced into them? The music plays constantly and everywhere in you'd think there'd be a lot of mixed messages. Still, it was a good, quick read. I don't think it's a series either, which is kind of nice.